Monday, September 20, 2010


Let's talk about yesterday.  I was exceptional in many ways.  I got everyone out the door and to church almost on time.  I chose (quite carefully) the most uncomfortable shoes I own to slink around the Fall Festival at church in for several hours.  I fed my children wholesome corn dogs and pickles on a stick for lunch - and I didn't forget dessert: candy necklaces and dilly bars.  I helped my children build a mini golf course in our garage using random planks of wood, shoes, gasoline funnels, flower pots, a bike helmet and way too much painters tape.  I completed folding laundry that was started last Wednesday - I'm especially proud of that one. 
However, my best work of the day involved two "napping" fish, one beat up paper cup, and a toilet.  Good-bye Spiky and EX Glower.  As they were taking their last swirl around in this world, Maya yelled down the toilet, "Remember! All drains lead to the ocean!!"
Thank you, Nemo.   
Near the end of the day, while I was making some killer quesadillas, Joseph thanked me for feeding him, singing with him in church, and for letting him use the cardboard from the recycling for a fort in the sun room.  And then Maya added, "Yeah... me too."
The pay is lousy, but I wouldn't give this job up for anything.

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  1. I think it's good to recognize yourself for a job well done! I've typed and re-typed this to get rid of any sarcasm, but I can't find a way to do it. I really, truly mean that all of us should do this more often. We are all good at something, and you really are a fabulous mom!