Friday, September 17, 2010

Me and Mario

I've got a banging headache and a crick in my neck.  You might think I just pulled an all nighter at the local pub - just boozin' it up with my peeps.  No?   OK, you're right - not enough caffeine and one too many offspring in the bed with me last night is more likely - or so I thought.

The children were not sleeping well last night - for whatever reason.  So I guess they thought spending the night rolling over me, my book, my glasses, and a Kleenex box (all of which were found in the covers this morning) would garner much better sleep.  That probably would warrant a headache and a crick - right?  Sure, but the experience has been heightened a bit by the dream revealed to me this morning by my nine year old.

"Mom, guess what I was dreaming about last night?  You know how in Mario Kart, how you have those statue guys who bang on your car and smash you into a crunch in Bowser's Castle?  I dreamed I had a hammerhead shark and I was banging back on them!  That's weird isn't it?"
Yeah.  That's weird.  Hmmm...

Oh... and I also sent my six year old to school wearing a sparkly pink, gem studded belt (thank you, Aunt Christie) which she ever so fashionably wrapped around her purple polka-dotted rain coat and then clipped her hand-sanitizer to the buckle of the belt - front and center.  Then, as she is getting out of the car,  she asked me if I thought her hair looked silly...

No... honey... you look... prepared.

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  1. you know how boys seem to just know how to make a gun out of anything? I think that girls were born to accessorize.