Saturday, August 28, 2010


Prompt: What is the oddest item someone would find in one of the drawers in your home or office?
When I was teaching Kindergarten, I had all sorts of interesting items in my desk drawers - usually confiscations from all-too-wise Kindergartners.  Sometimes items that secretly come to school, needed to be put out of distraction's way when being shown and wielded at one's table or at carpet time.  But what is most interesting about the collection of items stored in my desk drawer until it's time-out was over, is that they were usually items of no or little value.  Things like torn up eraser tops, straws bent into all kinds of contortions, plastic medallions, knots of rubber bands, little pencil sharpeners, rocks, pieces of shoelaces and random Happy Meal toys - all standard fare.  However, every once in a while I might run across something of more value and concern like an unknowing mom's diamond earrings carefully concealed in a kleenex... or maybe a dad's driver's license that happened to fall out of a child's back pocket.  One of my favorites was a beat-up beyond recognition plastic sword that had been taken away because the owner was fencing unarmed children on the playground  -not because I had ruffled the feathers of the child when I took it, but because it was his mom who came storming in after it on the last day of school.  Interesting.  Must have been an important piece in her plastic sword collection?
Now at home, it's my kids who protect rather odd treasures in their dresser drawers.  And just as I am writing this, I am thinking I should probably be a little more concerned about what might be in the desk drawers of my children's teachers... am I missing any earrings, documents...  or plastic swords??

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  1. Oh my GOSH!!! I feel like the teacher from Christmas Story with the chattering teeth in her drawer! I have such a drawer and sometimes, just sometimes, I may pull items out as a "treasure" sort of gift for a unexpected child that did some sort of tremendous job during the day. Some kids remember at the end of the day some forget.... now it's silly bands galore. I feel like a street vendor "ya need a ice cream cone shape band? how bout a princess? I EVEN have a... ya ready? a CASTLE shaped silly band." And the things in my dryer vent... legos, tokens, hot wheels etc. I do remember however a certain someone that brougt a leapster to school without permission :) oh little Joseph, makes my heart tickle!