Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am not the ideal soccer mom.  This is why:
1. When the rosters came out and I realized that my son was not on the same team as his friend, I quickly whipped up an email to the organizer to let him know how disappointing this was.  My son and his friend no longer attend the same school, and have chosen to make soccer their continued connection.  It clearly states on the registration form: "Please indicate who you are carpooling with, so that we can put your children on the same team."  What part of "please indicate" did he not get?  The response I got was clearly to neutralize me and my request that he be changed to the appropriate team was politely denied.  So, I became a bit more of an "advocate" for my son, and fired off another email - with a few more details.  The next response insinuated that I had not made a request at all and that in fact, another child (whom I had never heard of) had requested my son to be on his team.  What could I do?  I had to make a threat.  I was in full "mama bear" form now.  OK, here goes:  "My husband will not coach unless the appropriate changes are made."  The next email back to me simple stated:  "Fine."
2. On to the next child.  Through a series of snafus on several people's parts - including mine - she was somehow placed on a team of girls three years older than she is.  I thought it was a bit strange, but this was our first time - and how did I know that it wasn't normal for all of the girls to be a good foot taller than she is?  We got to the bottom of it, apologies were made, rosters were clarified and she ended up on the correct team - who were all the correct size.  Here's the kicker, she played one practice with the big girls - not knowing what she was doing, but because of her pure guts and determination, she got right in there and fought for her spot.  So on the second practice when Mama finally realized something wasn't right and went to take the six year old from one practice to the appropriate one, the six year old calmly said from the middle of the huddle, "No, Mom this is my team... they NEED me."  Right.
I have officially become the parent that I dreaded as a teacher.  How did this happen?  One day, I'm a crowd pleasing public servant, the next I am "The crazy mom who no teacher wants to have to deal with!"


  1. This is great, Julie!! There have been several times that I have thought, wow...did I really become THAT mom?! Yikes!!!

  2. When I'm in full "mama bear" form, I usually realize it during the middle of the confrontation, but by then I am deep into the problem and just keep going with "the issue"....and yes, I even found myself on the soccer field glaring at the high school referee who wouldn't let my child play due to the somewhat enforced rule of needing glasses straps (she had just played the previous game and her glasses hadn't fallen off or stabbed anyone else in the face....I've also been the person at the store that they called the security person to hang out by the customer service lady.....oh my!