Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today I was sorting through some photos in my over-stuffed "My Pictures" file on my computer and came across a rather interesting picture.  The photo was taken during a special family celebration where many friends and loved ones are standing around and near to the food table eating and cheerfully conversing.  Happy smiles on everyone's faces and glasses of wine being precariously held on to while eating delicate bites of delicious food.  That's the scene.
However, upon closer inspection, I realize there is a small. chubby little hand reaching into a bowl of some exotic, delicious goodie - just a hand... what is this hand connected to you ask??  From under a fancy lace table cloth there seems to be a small child who is hiding his body carefully, but then reaching up and around with his arm to bring his treasures down carefully into his lair. He is very stealthy and obviously thinks he is invisible.
 Yes, this is my 3 year old son in the photo.
Here's the issue:  he has now grown into a respectable, bright and lively 3rd grader who occassionally suffers from the rare and impulsive form of DTDBNYB - otherwise known as Dumb Things Done By Nine Year-old Boys.  This past week has been one raught with serious flare-ups of the disease - and as most moms do at one time or another, I have been beating myself up over his antics with questions like, "What have I done wrong?  Have I not been a good role model?  Have I fed him too much corn syrup?  Does he think I can't see him and that he thinks he... is ....invisible... hmmm... or something?"  Ah-Hah! he must have the latent form of DTDBNYB - you know, the one that makes the "inflicted" have lapses of typical three year old behaviors.

Silver Lining: Medical breakthroughs such as the one mentioned above don't happen every day!!

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