Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Rite of Passage

Today my little one graduated from Kindergarten - what a grueling year it's been - having to count bottle caps, stir up dirt pies, finger paint with whipped cream, sing silly songs, build bobsleds out of milk cartons, pick flowers, listen to fantastic books, count to 50 by 2s, learn to read.... my oh my... I can only imagine what they will make her do in first grade!  And the friends... she had to make friends, and learn how to be a team and even hold hands with her buddies as they skipped through the woods on new adventrues.  The expectations... what more can be asked of a 6 year old??  Oh - and here's the kicker: she has her first wiggly tooth!  I guess the teachers are expecting her to leave body parts behind as well...
I'm so proud of her - she even kept her polka dot dress down at lady-like length as she sang "We're startin' today, here we come, first grade first grade!" (sang to the tune of New York, New York).
No one ever told me how heart-breaking ....or inspiring it would be to watch my babies grow up...

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  1. Ohh Julie! How beautiful! And tell Maya that I love the polka dot dress!