Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Art of Distraction

I would say that I win the medal this week for "Most Distracted Mommy!"  That is, only if the criteria are as follows:
1. Sends forks to school in children's cold lunches to eat soup with.
2. Goes to violin store to have string replaced on child's violin and almost falls up the steps because was not aware of the very large cat sitting quite proudly on the second step.
3. Locks keys in car while children are in car - so in order to gain re-entry, must allow for car alarm to scream through the parking lot.
4. Becomes very confused at the "remodeling restroom" signs in big box store, goes ahead and uses the one with "women" painted on the door, but then while washing hands, looks behind only to discover urinals. Hmmm... what did that sign say?
5. And the grand daddy criteria: backs minivan into very nice car in parking lot of big box store.  Says a string of four letter words, hoping that only the barnyard ones were the ones used.  So distracted - can't quite remember.

Silver Lining:  No one was hurt and I now know a lot more about my insurance policy.

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