Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Showers and Macaroni

If anyone's still out there - here's the deal for today: So the kids are taking showers upstairs while I am finishing the dishes last night.  (One at a time)  Can hear the water running for the appropriate amount of time - then I hear normal getting dried off sounds - so I know one is done.  Then I hear: "Ok, now you go Maya - just turn on the water, wait for awhile, stomp around - then put on some lotion. - It works for me - mom just tells me how good I smell."  So I ask myself, "Self, I think you should be providing more diligent supervision - your current level of supervision is just producing lotion covered dirty kids."  Wise up, Mom!!

Silver Lining: Turns out the vacuum DOES work!  Just had a piece of construction paper with glued on dried macaroni twisted up and around the beater bar.... which begs the question: "Which kid was trying to get rid of the other kid's art work?"

1 comment:

  1. As probably the last person to use the vacuum, I don't remember sucking up a macaroni project...

    And I am just loving Joseph's level of sneakiness!!!