Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haircut: Take 247 - Action!

Ok - here's the deal:  I'm a low maintenance chick with an aversion to hairspray.  After my second child arrived on the scene, I decided that long hair was no longer going to work.  Once you start to cut your hair, it just becomes more and more freeing - to the point where you don't really care how short it gets - as long as it has a style.  That in mind, I was scheduled for a hair cut at a local salon yesterday.  I was called the night before to make sure I was coming, I made arrangements to change my volunteer gig at school, so that I could make this very important engagement.  Obviously, I don't get out much.
Anyway, I wait and wait.  I wait some more.  Humdee dumdee doo - no hair cut artist is coming to fetch me from the waiting area for my 1:00 appointment.  Finally a phone call is made and it is determined that the "computer" has made a mistake and that my hair stylist doesn't even come in until 2 pm - so the computer just messed it all up.  Right...
Well, I'm there and I am going to have my haircut.  Would I like another stylist I am asked?  Sure - why not - it's just hair - I've only had a couple bad haircuts in my life (one was my doing).  So apologies are made and I am set up with another stylist - let me begin by telling you - I got a great haircut - but not without some pain and agony.  Here are a few questions for my readers: (Please respond)
1. When your hair is being washed by a stylist, should your neck be slamming up and down on the sink basin? - to the point that you begin to feel a little carsick?
2. Is the cape that is snapped around your neck supposed to cut off the circulation to your head?
3. When having one's eyebrows waxed, is one's eyelid supposed to be pulled up and turned a little inside out when the wax isn't completely coming off as is should - is there hair one anyone's eyelids?
4. Finally, is it EVER appropriate to tell a brand new client that they didn't look very good coming in, but now the client looks at least 10 years younger - all because of the awesome haircut that just took place?
I had actually applied make-up, chosen an outfit, AND matched my socks to my outfit - what does she mean - "didn't look very good?!"
5. One more question, does one return to this stylist and put up with the mild torture just because the haircut rocked?
Just wondering...

Silver Lining: The puffiness and redness from my eyelids being waxed has gone away. I should have a normal blinking pattern within the next few days.


  1. I don't have a lot of experience with what goes into hair styling, but here are my conclusions: (based mostly on being an avid fan of Tabitha from "Tabitha's Salon Takeover")

    None of this is okay, even if the haircut does rock. It might be awkward, but (and this is the teacher in me saying this part) this stylist could probably benefit from someone telling her what she did wrong. Consider what an awesome stylist she could be if she worked on her people skills? She's got the talent, which is saying a lot--she could go to the next level if she simply worked on how to talk to and physically handle her clients.

  2. Please post a picture of this rockin' haircut. I would love to see it!! I can't say that I've ever had an experience like this one. Just wondering...did you tip the stylist?