Monday, October 19, 2009

Writing muscles?

So it says here in my little book that in order to keep my "writing muscles flexed" I should play word games and puzzles - such as cryptograms and crosswords.  Here's the funny thing - I so don't get cryptograms (never have), and I just learned that crosswords maybe aren't my thing either.
I was given a New York Times Crosswords book by my rather wordy sister not so long ago.  I started at the beginning - and even though it was a bit challenging, I was ready to take it on - I was up for it!  Feeling pretty good about myself and my intelligence, I worked through the first 40 puzzles over a time period of about one month.  Not bad, huh?  As I was flipping to the 41st puzzle, I noticed that it no longer said MONDAY at the top - it now read TUESDAY.  Hmmm... this was odd - what's the deal on that?  No matter - I will carry on and move forward.  But this was a bit harder - I mean a lot harder - do I dare admit that I used the answer key to do almost the whole puzzle?  Well, this stopped my 1 - 2 puzzle a day habit with quite a jolt.  Maybe the next ones will be easier...
Turns out - like I'm sure the rest of the world already knows - is that the puzzles in the New York Times increase in difficulty with each passing day of the week - making the weekend puzzles the most challenging - and the Monday ones for ... uh... dummies.
I wonder if reading Face Book for a couple of hours a day will "flex" my writing muscles? 

Silver Lining: Many anti-aging skin products on sale now at Target!  Just in time for the big 4-0!

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  1. a note from your wordy sister: they sell Times Crossword puzzle books of just the Monday puzzles!

    To add to your silver lining today: the bonus of the skin products being on sale is that you don't even need them to begin with!