Friday, October 16, 2009

Super Sneaky Mom

So we have a couple of days off of school.  I decided to take the children to "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."  Being the health conscious mom, I thought we would take our own snacks.  So against the judgment of movie theater police world-wide... yes - we sneaked in our own snacks.  This made my children very nervous - probably because I told them we were smuggling and that they should zip their pockets close with their snacks smashed in them.  I thought that I had eased their minds enough to forget about it and before long, we were "3 in a row ready to go" for the previews.  Shortly after, I realize that Maya is slinking way far down into her seat with very watchful eyes.  Then she whispers to me, "Mom, are there video cameras in here?"  I reply in a whisper, "Only on Thursdays - we're safe."  She then slinks down even more and asks me if I can hear her munching.  "Are there sound cameras in here on Fridays?" she whispers back.
Maya is NOT a rule follower in any sense - however, the thought of "movie police" has sent her over the edge.

Silver Lining: No Movie Police on duty today.

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  1. HILARIOUS!!! You gotta remember that police scare her!!!