Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Worry Not

Happiness is so much more attainable than we think it is.  Contentment is also sitting right next door.   If only we continued to have the wisdom and faith of children.  Last night, my son was working quite fervently on an origami project.  He is usually uber-quite when making those detailed folds, so it is my job not to bother him.  He's never asked this of me.  It's just an understanding that we have.  So I was surprised when he blurted, "Mom, do I have to go sit with the children for the story of Baby Jesus and all that at Christmas mass this year?"  Since we are in the last days of September, I had to ask him to repeat his question.  "Mom, I mean do I to have to sit on the floor with all the little kids when the priest says, 'Hey, kids, get up here!'?"  First of all, I don't remember the priest ever saying that.  Second, why in the heck was he thinking about that now??  I calmly responded with, "I guess not.  But what made you think of that?"  And here's the wisdom.  "Well, mom, I was thinking about origami for ... like presents and stuff.  Then I was thinking about going to church.  Then I was thinking about sitting on the floor with little kids. Then I was thinking I'm too old for that.  Then I started worrying about it.  Then I thought it would be much better to just ask you now, so I don't have to worry about if for months and months."
You might ask yourself what kind of kid worries about something so trivial.  But that's the beauty of it - the things he worries about are usually fixable.  And he has learned that.  So get it out.  Be done.  Get happy again.  That's his mantra.
Later in the evening, he asked me about Santa.  He asked me if God knows Santa.  I replied with, "I think so... do you?"  Then he confided that he thinks we (his parents) just get the presents and then hide.  But as soon as that came out of his mouth, he recanted with, "Yeah, but I would know if it was you, right, mom?" (all the time staring me down, looking for any ticks or winks that would maybe clue him in)  He hesitated for a moment and then said,  "Oh, I don't know mom, I'm just going with that the guy comes down the chimney and God knows him and it's all happy."  And off to slumberville he went.
And there you have it.  Don't worry.  Be happy.

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