Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Hero

So this is my question: have you ever been trying on an article of clothing in a store dressing room when you realize at some point of no return, that not only can you not get completely into the clothing item, but that as you try to succeed, you realize you most likely never get out of it unless the jaws of life are involved?
Well, I met my "waterloo" with an article of torture called the" strappified-size-small-but looks-like-a-size -medium-so-why-not-try-it-on-anyway" running top.  Yes, it did feel a bit snug as I was shimmying into that adorable pink and white little number, but it was supposed to be close-fitting, right?  Supporting the core while exercising is of the utmost importance, right?  Well, all I can tell you is that while my left arm was flailing to reach the sky through the labyrinth of spandex, my right arm was sealed so tightly next to my torso that I could feel my heartbeat in my shoulder.  That was was when the red flag went up... a little late, I know.  I was just so determined that it was gonna be cute, that I ignored all the warning signs.. and it didn't hurt that it was a cool sixty percent off.
Just when I was saying farewell to life as I know it, I heard a knock at the door.
"Julie? Are you in this one?" said the roaming around the store sister.
"Oh, for the love of Pete, YES I AM!  Come in, come in!" said I - the mummified one.
"Oh... dear... you might need to take off your glasses... and... here, take my hand (giggle, giggle)... and I will pull... this, but you need to tuck your chin... okay, here we go (giggle)... can you put your other arm behind your (giggle... snort)... uh... this isn't good..." and so on and so forth.
The wrap (no pun intended):
1) After a somewhat lengthy struggle, I was eventually released from shirt of pain.
2) I did not buy the teeny tiny running top.
3) A great sale does not always mean a great fit.
4) My sister was the hero of the day.
5) Lesson learned... again.

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