Monday, February 28, 2011

You Are What You Eat

In my early years at Hoover Elementary School, I was often hungry.  I remember politely asking for a honey sandwich to be added to my cold lunch and then being absolutely appalled that my request was denied.  Funny how history repeats itself... over and over again.
Today a coup was planned and executed at exactly 7:36 am.  I was bombarded with the following barrage of questions:
Why can't we have unhealthy food in our lunches?
Can we have just one fruit pie or just one Star Crunch?
How about a beef stick?
Please, please, please!
Everyone else has chips and crackers and ice cream!
Oh, really.  Who has ice cream in their brown bag lunch?
...Someone did... once!  Really!  I'm telling you the truth, Mom!
Yeah, I saw it too, Mom... I think.
Well, how about doughnuts?  Can we have doughnuts?
We are the ONLY ones who have just only healthy stuff in our lunches.  It's not fair!
Everyday.  Red peppers, oranges, sandwich on whole wheat bread, cheese stick, almonds, and granola bars.
It's not like I'm packing tofu and alfalfa sprouts.  I'm sure I've never stuffed kale or salmon in your lunch.
What's kale?
This is where I almost launched my "When I was a Kid" speech.  Instead, I simply asked the insurgents what one unhealthy food they would want if I let them choose one junk food.  All at once, without hesitation, they shouted in unison,
"Little Debbie Zebra Cakes!"
Don't tell me that wasn't planned.  It reminded me of a story a friend told me.  She and her siblings were listening to their mom mete out the chores for the day, when her sister interrupted with, "Everyone who hates Mom, raise their hand!"  And all of them raised their hands.
Another dear friend once told me why she and her husband decided to have a second child.  She was insistent that everyone had to have a sister or brother so that when the time arose they could call each other and say, "Can you believe what mom did?"
I have to say I agree.  Even though I was obviously being double-teamed this morning, I respected their united approach at trying to obtain those elusive Zebra Cakes.  Not saying it worked.  Just pleased with the relationship they have developed over the last seven years.  I'm sure I will regret saying that when their requests are much larger than and individually wrapped, cream-filled cakes.

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