Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seasonal Changes... Mine? Or Mother Nature's?

The new background you are witnessing is me willing spring to get here now - or me just wishing for the ability to make my own wine.  Here's why:
I woke up yesterday and began my morning routine... which includes a shower, make-up application, teeth brushing - you know, the usual things we all do.. most of the time.  I finished and thought about how I wish the seasons would change, so that it would be lighter in the morning... not so dark and dreary.  I also noticed how tired I was and thought about stepping up my fitness routine - to getting one.  I was about to wake the kids and help them start their day.  Luckily I decided to first put on my glasses - my go-to appliance - the medical device I should go nowhere without.  I set them comfortably on my face, did a quick once-over in the mirror, tried not to notice my 40ish year old skin, and headed to the hallway.  Boy, it's really dark.  Can't wait for spring.  Oh, wait... my feet are cold.  I should put on some warm socks.  I head back into the bedroom.  This is when I make the split decision of consulting the clock for some reason.  What?  How can that be?  Are these my glasses?  I take them off and inspect them.  Yes they are mine.  And yes, it appears that it is 1:45 am.  I could have sworn I saw a 6 in that first number position when I began this apparent madness.  So here we are.  All dressed up and no place to go.  Wow.  I guess I will pretend that I am Elizabeth Taylor or something - didn't I read that she always applied make-up before going to sleep so she would look fabulous when she woke up?  Well, here's the deal:  she doesn't look so fabulous anymore... and I don't think sleeping for 5 more hours is going to help out my just-washed hairdo either...
See? Spring or wine.  One of 'em needs to get here fast.

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