Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The password is...

Ok - so I have this issue with remembering passwords for all the technologies in the world that seem to need them.  I write some of them down - but forget where that piece of paper is - or I keep the same password for a number of sites, but then decide to shake it up a bit and make up a new one randomly.  I am starting to feel like the wolf on that Looney Toons episode where is wife sends him out to kill a rabbit - and he can't seem to remember what he was supposed to hunt once he gets out the door.  So there I am in front of the ATM trying to remember what numbers I use for my PIN... uh... let's see... was it a hedgehog?  No, no, it was a squirrel... hmmm... I think it's a weasel - yeah that's it...

Silver Lining:  My son has finally learned that his buzz haircut head does not need half of a bottle of shampoo to be clean.  I think he was actually taking off the cap completely and dumping a random slopful of Suave just wherever - hoping some might hit his hair.

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  1. I like that you're posting all these shower issues with the kids. Perhaps a little more supervision and instruction is necessary?