Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm back!  A little computer snafu put this very piece of techonology that I depend on oh so much more than I thought - into the computer rescue unit for quite a period of time.  So much to share and think about since I last posted.  The real news is that against my (and other's) better judgement, I went back to the trunchbull of hair stylists.  Again, I did receive a great haircut - but this time it came at a heavier price... I actually left with some minor bleeding.  I also had to put up with a heapin' helpin' of inappropriate blather to which most of the time I had no response.  The verdict: I will grow my hair to my knees before I set my fanny in her chair again.

List six dreams or realities from thje Augusts of your life (with the assumption that you are a school teacher who is dreading the end of summer).
1. That August would unfold just as lazily as July did.
2. That perhaps the classroon fixer-upper fairy would whip my room into shape complete with engaging displays, names on all that needs to be labeled, a complete reorganization of my storage closet, and just for fun - the fairy would leave a delightful scent of freshly mowed grass and steaks grilling that I would be able to turn on and off at my discretion.
3. I think #2 summed it all up - no need for more dreams of August.

Silver Lining: The pinewood derby car is complete and the racer is settled into a happy slumber dreaming of the trophy that could possibly be his tomorrow.  This excitement may have trumped the anticipation of Santa - if not, a close second.

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