Thursday, January 28, 2010

Down one foot

"Well, it's not like she'll ever grow that back," said the Kindergartner very blandly while eating her chocolate cheerios this morning - in response to the news that her Nana broke her foot.  "I wish Nana was a starfish - then she could have her foot back."  I had to explain that Nana's foot didn't break OFF - it has a bone inside that broke.  "Well, which one, Mom?  I wish I could see the x-ray - I hope they took an x-ray, Mom... - do you think you need to go and see the doctor to make sure?"
Meanwhile... her brother is industriously drawing and writing making a picture and card for Nana with these words: "Hope Feel Better, Nana! Don't worry. I love you no matter what!" The card shows a picture of my son with his arm around Nana.  He has drawn them both to be the same size and they are both wearing Vikings jerseys. Hmmm... didn't know Nana owned one of those.  The eternal optimist has already got Nana set up for a game of tackle football once she gets her foot healed.
It's like I'm raising Felix and Oscar...

Silver Lining:
It's a pretty great job.

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