Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The archeologists

Snow, snow, snow... it's getting old, tiresome, and sometimes just depressing.  Just as I am cursing the mess that my tires leave in my garage (that gets tracked in by 2 pairs of boots: Size 3 and size Youth 12) - I hear hooting and hollering from the cul-de-sac.  I realize that the ice chipper, two shovels, a sled, and some random stuff from the recycling bin are in full use just steps from end of our driveway.  "We found it, we found it - I can't believe we did it!  The missing piece - our last clue, now we can solve this mysterious puzzle!!!" Yes, I recognize these voices...
The children have assigned themselves the names of "Big Rock" and "Little Rock."  Little did I know that a very important archeological dig was in full force 20 feet from my mailbox.  They were digging and chopping and stomping about in this circle of forsaken dirty snow, rocks, and ice - all in the name of science.  They were solving imaginary problems and working as a dedicated team.  Ice chips were flying amidst shouts of pure joy.
 These are the moments that make me realize I need to strike up a new friendship of sorts with the snow.  Just when I think the magic of snow has overstayed it's welcome with the kids as well - they simply morph themselves into new roles. Why can't I do this?  Why can't I just dub thyself "The Queen of Sludge and Ice?"  And then pick up my shovel and whisk the enemy right out of my garage and send it packing?  That sounds like a lot more fun than mumbling unmentionable words to myself and kicking the same iceball around in my garage until if finally lands outside of my foot path.  Why stop there? I could be the Laundry Terminator and the Ruler of Shiny Floors!  I think I am going to have to get started on a tiara or a golden helmet - because, as we all know, costumes make it real!

Silver Lining: There are lots of dirt, sand, and mud battles to be won!  I cannot possibly be defeated.... I hope.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    You need a winter sport now that you live here in MN or what I refer to as the frozen tundra. Our family now downhill skis. In fact, I was giggling on Saturday and Sunday when we were all concerned with the weather "warm-up". Then I even heard myself say, "It needs to get colder." I was so shocked that I actually said that, but we do love to ski now and it makes winter so much more enjoyable. Believe me, I am a summer lover so a winter sport has helped me with this very long winter.