Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Lists

Ok - so I peeked at what the kids wrote to Santa.  The letters were very conversational - as though they were talking to a really good friend.  They both asked for items I know they have wanted to quite a while - but here's the funny part.  Independent of each other, they both asked Santa some general questions like: "Is it too cold up there for you?  Do you like Kringla?  Do the elves really know how to make a DS?  If you send me a spy kit, I don't really care what kind it is.  Could you send the doll WITH the puppy - so the puppy doesn't get lost. Do you really know Jesus? - Mom says you do."
Interesting.  I think my list as a child went something like this:
Please bring me ice skates.

Silver Lining:  Joseph has been showering properly this week.

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