Friday, September 25, 2009


Ok - so I grew up and colored my own hair all by myself yesterday.  Not a big deal for most - but a budget changing event for me.  I had no idea it was so easy - highlighting, however, I will leave to the experts.  As I am cleaning up and admiring my shiny, bouncy "chestnut" hair in the mirror, I notice a few spots on the skin of my neck and shoulders.  My eyes are less than adequate - hence, the "bottle pop glasses" for the last 37 years.  Add to that a psychotic fear of Cancer - and you have: "Oh my gosh, is that skin cancer?  Or age spots?  Or maybe it's the beginning of an unusual case of H1N1, I bet it's from that new soap - or oh my gosh, what did I eat?...."  Next, add a dash internet diagnosis - and you've got a real live gong show on your hands!
Deep breath - oh, yes - it's just a little hair dye - of the chestnut variety.  The day has been saved and "Psycho Mom" is off and away to solve another case!!

Silver Lining: Psycho Mom does not wear a cape - too dangerous, don't you think?

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